Stema Specialtryck AB invests in Elitron


When Stema Specialtryck AB needed to increase its productivity the choice fell upon Elitrons new cutting system. For optimal production it required two automated systems, the technical solutions Convertec presented from their supplier Elitron managed to meet all criteria.

Just in time for this years summer vacation Convertec will install two new systems, one with conveyor named Elitron SDC+21.32. It has a working surface of 3,2 x 2,1 meters and is fully equipped with camera registration, video projection and all the necessary tools imaginable. One unique feature of this system is that it handles rolls on the wider format of 3,2 meters.

To further complete this investment Stema also chose a fully automatic system, Elitron Kombo TAV, with automatic loading and unloading, equipped with camera registration from the bottom as standard, to be able to cut with high precision in full registry. The patented Airopanel covers the full working surface and with a powerful vacuum removes the complete sheet after cutting without any need for nicks. It can then be stripped without any trace from nicks.