High speed seaming machine för SHRINK SLEEVES

The Stanford AccraSeam™ shrink sleeve seamer is the fastest on the market at 600 mpm (2000 fpm). It is equipped with fully automated lay-flat adjustment, servo-based tool positioning, and a compact ergonomic frame with fully cantilevered design. The operator control panel offers an onscreen manual and step-by-step lay-flat calculation wizard, taking the mystery out of the seaming process.

Sleeve Width
Standard: 50.8 mm (2") to 304.8 mm (12")

609.6 mpm (2000 fpm)

Unwind Roll Diameter
609.6 mm (24")

Rewind Roll Diameter
609.6 mm (24")

Servo solvent dispensing system. Touch-of-a-button cleaning of solvent system. Oscillating rewind. Seam inspection options. Lay-flat quality check report and print-out for each roll. Turret-ready expansion ports. Will form and seam PVC, PETG, OPS and PLA films.