DigiBraille FL

Digital Braille Printing Flatbed

The DigiBraille is designed for digital production of printed Braille on labels and booklets which makes Braille production affordable from short to long runs. The multipurpose CI-drum reduces booklet height, ensures tight registration and high dot quality. The Xdot Braille printing heads print two text lines of Braille simultaneuosly and can be stacked across the full web width, increasing your productivity by producing up to twelve labels across. The digital concept completely eliminates tool costs and reduces set-up times in comparison to conventional methods such as screen and embossing. Optional Braille inspection system guarantees your final quality and assure to meet the new CE regulations for Braille. The DigiBraille FL is the flatbed version, giving you an upgradable sturdy platform. Options such as slitting, camera inspection and corona treating is availab