Flexico V5 Plate Mounting System

Quick and Accurate Plate Mounting

This invention was designed, built and patented to become the leading polymer plate mounting system world-wide – known as FLEXICO V5 used in more than sixty countries around the world.

Tectonic developed the FLEXICO V5 plate mounting system to meet the following requirements:-
• To mount polymer plates quickly and accurately
• To reduce waste
• To reduce setting-up time
• To be suitable for a wide variety of presses
• To accommodate a variety of different size sleeves and cylinders

The patented design uses a rugged mechanical construction together with high technology cameras and monitoring to provide a “hands-free” operation so that perfect registration can be achieved each time.



• Unique “rise and fall” flat plate bed
• Pneumatically operated plate clamp
• 1080p HD colour cameras and lenses
• Dual LED super-bright lighting
• Two 19″ TFT (flat screen) monitors
• Zoom lens set at 40x magnification
• Locking Key mechanism (to ensure identical plate mounting across multiple sleeves)
• Precision adjustment for accurate plate to cylinder/sleeve adjustment along the repeat and across the print width
• Adhesive roll holder
• Integral aluminium machine base

This machine allows pre-registration of plates before they are moved to the printing press. All plates can be mounted in the same position across all print stations.