SM10 Seammachine

Seaming machine for SHRINK SLEEVES

The Stanford Seammachine represents a new benchmark for producers of shrink sleeves. With its patent-pending processes, increased speed and minimal waste, the Seammachine offers increased efficiency, productivity, and ease of operation.

Sleeve Width
50.8 mm (2") to 254 mm (10") standard
304.8 mm (12") optional
25.4 mm (1") to 50.8 mm (2") option
less than 25.4 mm (1") option

500 mpm (1640 fpm)

Unwind Roll Diameter
762 mm (30")

Rewind Roll Diameter
609.6 mm (24")

Automatic solvent dispensing system. Oscillating rewind. Seam inspection options and lay-flat monitoring. Will form and seam PVC, PET, PETG, OPS and PLA films. Static elimination included.