Flatbed Die Cutting


The DC-PlatenCleaner is an innovative sanding and polishing tool available for any flatbed die cutting machine on the market. It is developed to be user friendly, cost efficient and flexible allowing you to lower the operating costs whilst improving your equipment's quality output.

Optima 106 and Optima 106 K

Automatic platen die-cut press available with blanking.

The IBERICA Optima Series is our basic Automatic Platen Press. Launched in 2008, we proudly announce that the Optima Series have today it’s version in a new format 106.

Ipress 106 PRO and Ipress 106 K PRO

Automatic high speed platen die-cut press for carton & corrugated with option for blanking.

The Ipress 106 is an advanced automatic platen die-cut press with options for blanking, designed by KBA-Iberica Die Cutters. This press is built to IBERICA’s high exacting standards, using original production processes to ensure long life and high productivity.