The DC-PlatenCleaner is an innovative sanding and polishing tool available for any flatbed die cutting machine on the market. It is developed to be user friendly, cost efficient and flexible allowing you to lower the operating costs whilst improving your equipment's quality output.

Build-up of oxidized iron and dirt on the platen leads to several issues for the corugated board and the cardboard converter, some of which involves increased volume of patching, increased cutting pressure and lower lifespan of the dies. Maintaining the platen of your die cutter is therefore essential in order to reduce set-up times, to reduce pressure and energy consumption, as well as maintaining the quality of your dies, and in extention your production output. 

The DC-PlatenCleaner focuses on accessability and simplicity to enable flexible and feasable maintenance routines. Designed with the user in mind, the tool is set up in three simple steps without having to remove the gripper chains or the "sled":

  1. The tool consisting of three blocks is placed on the lower platen
  2. Pressurize the pneumatic block until it reaches the top platen (patent pending by LS-Flexo)
  3. Mount the pole sander on to the upper or lower block

Some of the benefits of choosing the DC-PlatenCleaner:

  • Cost effective and qualitative maintenance method
  • Easy to use and accessible -> Flexibility in maintenance routines
  • Less Patching equals shorter setup times and less downtime
    • Up to 70% reduced setup time depending on application
  • Decreasing the pressure
    • Reducing energy consumption
    • Increasing lifespan of the dies