Elitron Kombo SDC

Automatic cutting plotter with conveyor & integrated CAD–CAM system

Elitron Kombo SD is a complete range of KOMBO plotters for automatic cutting and finishing specifically engineered to
meet the new requirements in the digital printing, cardboard, sign and billboard industries.

Elitron’s systems are equipped with multi-tool heads for cutting, milling, creasing and engraving.

The cutting plotter <strong>KOMBO SDC</strong> is a conveyor version of the Kombo SD. These can be equipped with:

- feeding system for roll materials
- holding clamp to ensure precision advancement of even the most critical materials
- synchronized unloading table to facilitate the collection of finished materials

Kombo SDC is also available in the PLUS version, with higher performance motors

Suitable for both short and complex production runs, they meet market demands with maximum versatility whilst excelling in terms of productivity and automation. 

Only KOMBO systems can be equipped with the Seeker System™, an intelligent vision system which automatically recognises printed images. This exclusive Elitron patent significantly reduces production times and cuts the cost of the entire production process.