Fully automated SuperPlotter with integrated loading, cutting, unloading and pallet management

Kombo TAV is the only SuperPlotter with two different cutting heads currently on the market. Fully automated, it is based on cardboard and digital printing industry requirements which need full time, non-stop production. With Elitron’s experience and technological innovation, Kombo TAV is the right choice for Advertising Banner and POS Displays, Boxes and Packaging, without using dies. The extended version Kombo TAV-R includes complete automation of the production process by also including pallet management along with the finishing system, reducing operator and material costs. This flexible operating system accelerates production times and reduces costs whilst offering maximum versatility for both short and complex production runs. The many innovative systems, patented by Elitron, include the Seeker System for automatic recognition of images and reference points and Airo Panel a unique system for automatically unloading materials using a powerful suction panel.

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