Ipress 106 PRO and Ipress 106 K PRO

Automatic high speed platen die-cut press for carton & corrugated with option for blanking.

The Ipress 106 is an advanced automatic platen die-cut press with options for blanking, designed by KBA-Iberica Die Cutters. This press is built to IBERICA’s high exacting standards, using original production processes to ensure long life and high productivity. Including many advanced electronic devices, the Ipress Series is one of the fastest and most precise pieces of equipment in its sector.
The Ipress Series can be equipped with a Print Mark Register System for the front and side-lays. The Ipress can be equipped with a fully automatic non-stop feeder with a logistics system that completely eliminates the manual handling of incoming and outgoing piles.

Max. sheet format: 750 x 1 060 mm
Max. speed: 9 000 sheets/hour (depending material, quality and job)
Max. speed with blanking: 8 500 sheets/hour (depending material, quality and job)