Omega fleyeVision

100% Print Inspection System Guarantees Perfect Results.

Omega fleyeVision

Omega SRI - Slitter Rewinder Inspection

Powerful, efficient and versatile label finishing system

AB Graphic's (ABG) Omega SRI offers three high speed functions: slitting, rewinding and inspection. It is also unique, in that it is the only machine available that doesn’t rely on a third party inspection system.

K3 Digital

High resolution active web inspection at entry level

K3 is an entry level print inspection system that incorporates the latest digital technology to provide  an "active" inspection function that uses high resolution cameras to present images from a "live" run.


Standard features:


High resolution active web inspection with WiFi streaming

K3WiFi is a mid range low cost inspection system with a plethora of aditional options. Colour monitoring, register check and live image streaming to a tablet or iPad. Tablet included.


Standard specification

Jaguar Digital

Top of the range print inspection for large volumes and high accuracy monitoring

Jaguar is a "top of the range" print inspection system for printers  requiring very high print accuracy monitoring for large volume print runs. Automatic Barcode Verification, Pharmacode Verification and Print Defect Detectionare optional.