Optima 106 and Optima 106 K

Automatic platen die-cut press available with blanking.

The IBERICA Optima Series is our basic Automatic Platen Press. Launched in 2008, we proudly announce that the Optima Series have today it’s version in a new format 106. With its "operator friendly" innovations and ease of handling, this model maintains IBERICA’s quality of build and performance the combination of which generates a significant increase in productivity.

  • The versatility of the Optima Series gives the possibility to die-cut several types of substrate including paper, plastic, board and corrugated material.
  • The comprehensive range of optional equipment allows the configuration of the "perfect" Die-Cutter giving our customers the ideal machine for all of their requirements in the Packaging Industry.
  • Its 100% manufacture process made only in our plant in Barcelona makes the Optima Series the perfect investment for those who look for high productivity and long-life of machinery.

Max. sheet format: 750 x 1 060 mm
Max. speed: 8 500 sheets/hour (depending on material, quality and job)