Elitron Kombo TAV-R

Fully automated SuperPlotter with integrated loading, cutting, unloading and pallet management

Kombo TAV is the only SuperPlotter with two different cutting heads currently on the market. Fully automated, it is based on cardboard and digital printing industry requirements which need full time, non-stop production.

Omega SRI - Slitter Rewinder Inspection

Powerful, efficient and versatile label finishing system

AB Graphic's (ABG) Omega SRI offers three high speed functions: slitting, rewinding and inspection. It is also unique, in that it is the only machine available that doesn’t rely on a third party inspection system.

Mark Andy Performance Series P9E

Industry leading Flexographic Technology: Master-class engineering and Flexible Packaging Solution

The Performance Series P9E is engineered as the ideal solution to print film, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and foil lidding. Ergonomic efficiency provides the wider 22 and 26 inch web widths, which include plate cylinder loading support as well as an anilox and chamber drawer.


The DC-PlatenCleaner is an innovative sanding and polishing tool available for any flatbed die cutting machine on the market. It is developed to be user friendly, cost efficient and flexible allowing you to lower the operating costs whilst improving your equipment's quality output.

2nd Hand Rotoflex VSI 330

Spol- och skärmaskin 330 mm

Second hand Rotoflex VSI 330 with slitting knife system and semi-automatic turret. Year 2006.

Refurbished Rabolini Imperia D

Hand-fed Platen Die-Cutter 85 x 120 cm, Year: 2003

Unique offer for a completely refurbished Hand Fed Platen Model Rabolini Imperia, 82 x 125 cm, in compact cast iron with standard opening between the working planes for die-cutting of Carton and Corrugated Board.

Kombo SDC+ 3.2

Kombo SDC+ 3.2 is part of a new platform designed by Elitron to integrate and automate the workflow with the increasingly popular super wide format digital printers.

Mark Andy Digital Series HD

Digital Hybrid Printing Press with Inline Converting

Built upon the industry-leading Performance Series platform, Mark Andy Digital Series HD is a commercial approach for any size job. It leverages the advantages of digital with the proven capabilities of flexo printing to provide the most profitable total production hybrid solution.

Mark Andy Digital One

Entry-level digital printing press

A digital label press designed to free up capacity on high output flexo presses, and bring greater efficiency to fast turnaround work. Built specifically for short run prime labels, Mark Andy Digital One makes digital printing more accessible to narrow-web converters.

Mark Andy Digital Plus

A Digital Inkjet Replacement for Rotary Screen

The Digital Plus program allows you to enhance your pressroom with the benefits of digital without investing in a new press. With multiple adaptations, the Mark Andy Digital Plus enhancement program offers technologies that retrofit to existing press models with ease.

Uteco Crystal

CI-Drum Flexo

Especially designed  to print on  food packaging  materials, the new Crystal is also suitable for various applications requiring a high level of automatism in order to speed up the job changes and to reduce the waste of materials,  inks and power consumption.


Centrifugal ink pumps are the workhorse of the industry. They are low maintenance, take a lot of abuse, deliver ink in a non-pulsating flow, and provide in-tank circulation to keep material blended.

Corrugated - Knives & Accessories

Quality knives & products for the corrugated industry

We offer a wide array of knives and accessories from Zenith Cutter for the corrugated industry. If you have specific needs, knives can be customized to meet custom specifications. Please don't hesitate to send us a request at order(at)

Crush/Score Knives

Crush knives for a wide range of machine applications

Improving the Efficiencies and Generating Less Waste in the Converting Processes

Zenith Cutter crush/score knives are made from tool steels thru-hardened for long life.

Slitting Knives

Dish Blades, Bottom Knives & Knife Holders

Improving the Efficiencies and Generating Less Waste in the Converting Processes

Our products, including core cutters, dish blades, bottom knives, knife holders, score slitters and paper knives, produce less waste and better end products because they are manufactured for consis

Uteco Onyx XS

CI-Drum Flexo

8-colour flexo printing press with CI-drum designed to optimize short runs

Mark Andy Performance Series P5E

Redefining Profitability: Flexo Printing Press with Rapid, Repeatable Changeovers and Undeniable Power

Building on the unique print station design common to all Performance Series presses, the P5 is focused on productivity. Simple, repeatable settings and limited operator steps for job setup make the P5 one of the most operator-friendly presses on the market.

Mark Andy Performance Series P4

Modern Efficiencies. Enhanced Flexibility.

The Performance Series P4 is a cost-effective model offering features and value that bring the innovation award winning benefits of the Performance Series press platform to an even broader range of mid-sized label printers and converters.

Mark Andy Performance Series P3

Flexo printing press for conventional labels - Exceptional Efficiencies. Streamlined Workflows.

The Performance Series P3 features the same unique printing platform as the other models in the Performance Series lineup, delivering the fastest set-ups and changeovers and shorter web paths.

Optima 106 and Optima 106 K

Automatic platen die-cut press available with blanking.

The IBERICA Optima Series is our basic Automatic Platen Press. Launched in 2008, we proudly announce that the Optima Series have today it’s version in a new format 106.