Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Allpro

35 • 55 • 70 • 90 • 110 • 130 • 145 • 165 • 185 cm

Koenig & Bauer Duran | Omega Allpro is a folder gluer available in sizes from 35 cm all the way up to 185 cm width.

Elitron Kombo TAV-R

Fully automated SuperPlotter with integrated loading, cutting, unloading and pallet management

Kombo TAV is the only SuperPlotter with two different cutting heads currently on the market. Fully automated, it is based on cardboard and digital printing industry requirements which need full time, non-stop production.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Intro

Folder Gluer (Entry Level)

OMEGA Intro series is specifically designed as a high quality budget line to be a reliable profit center for many years to come. Like all Koenig & Bauer Duran Folder Gluers, the OMEGA Intro line is designed and manufactured at Duran Machinery plant in Istanbul.

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Alius

Folder Gluer

  • Full servo control
  • Intelligent automatic setup with calculation from carton drawing
  • New generation electronics with state of the art controls and safety management
  • Compatible with Industry 4.0
  • Data sharing on OPC UA
  • Continuous link for remo

Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Magnus

Folder Gluer for Corrugated

Omega Magnus, specialty folder gluer for corrugated is presented to the market in 2 sizes; 210 – 230.

Ipress 145 PRO och Ipress 145 K PRO

The Ipress PRO Series is the new generation of 57” / 145 Die Cutter made by Koenig & Bauer Iberica. This press is built to Iberica’s high exacting standards, using original production processes 100% developed in our plant in Barcelona, to ensure long life and high productivity.

Mark Andy Evolution Series E3

Simple-to-operate and flexible Full Servo Flexo-platform based on Mark Andy's award winning Performance Series Technology.

Evolution Series E3 introduces Mark Andy's ProUV-technology, powered by proven UV curing technology, that enables high quality, reliable results that converters can count on.

Mark Andy Evolution Series E5

Simple-to-operate, flexible and scalable Full Servo Platform based on Mark Andy's award winning "Performance Series" Technology.

This simple-to-operate machine gives converters a flexible solution, that not only meets today's needs, but also potential future demands and challenges.

Nanovis Bella DC-1300

Environmentally friendly cleaning system with integrated recycling of the cleaning agent for HP Indigo printing machine parts.

The Bella DC-1300 is the optimal solution for cleaning HP Indigo printing machine parts in a quick, thorough, cost-effective and environmentally friendly  way.

Nanovis NC-1200

Environmentally friendly cleaning system with integrated recycling of the cleaning agent for screen-, offset-, flexo- and pad printing.

NC-1200 (NANOCLEANER) is an automatic and environmentally friendly cleaning system in which the cleaning agent is permanently freed from paint residues in a parallel recycling process. Parts/clichés of all known conventional printing processes can be cleaned gently and sustainab

Mark Andy Digital Series iQ

Powerful and intelligent inkjet powered and fully integrated Digital Hybrid Press with in-line Converting.

This is Mark Andy's latest launch of digital hybrid printing presses. 

Azon Matrix CubeJet

Digital UV-LED inkjet printing solution which prints directly on any flat or round object.

Azon Printer är en internationell tillverkare av innovativa digitala inkjet lösningar, som kan trycka på nästan alla former, ytor & material. Allt från stora lådor till brandsläckare och så mycket mer.

Elitron SPARK

Flexible Conveyor Cutting System

Spark meets and surpasses today’s finishing requirements, both in terms of flexibility and automatic cutting performance, for sampling and production in digital printing, cardboard, sign and display industries.

Mark Andy Digital Pro

Entry level and mid-market Digital Hybrid Label Press with in-line Converting options

The entry level and mid-market machine was launched August 19th, 2019, with the Digital Pro 1, a roll-to-roll system, and the Digital Pro 3, a digital hybrid with a single flexo station and in-line die cutting.

Omega 510

The Omega 510 is a versatile uni or bidirectional rewinder and inspection system.

Capable of rewinding, converting, inspecting and numbering, as well as handling foil, blister material and booklets, the Omega 510 is the ideal machine for any application. Equipped with fleyeVision, our own 100% print inspection system, accuracy and seamless operation are guaranteed.

Omega fleyeVision

100% Print Inspection System Guarantees Perfect Results.

fleyeVision is also unique in that A B Graphic have developed it themselves, to work with our their finishing equipment. This means that everything works seamlessly together, accuracy and reliability are guaranteed. Other manufacturers depend, instead, on third party inspection equipment.

Omega Horizon

Multifunctional Table Top Bidirectional Rewinding Solution, for Inspection and Reworking of single lanes.

It is designed to enable you inspect and re-work single lanes and can be upgraded with our very own fleyeVision 100% print inspection system. 

Omega SRI - Inspection Slitter Rewinder

Powerful, efficient and versatile label finishing system

AB Graphic's (ABG) Omega SRI offers three high speed functions: slitting, rewinding and inspection. It is also unique, in that it is the only machine available that doesn’t rely on a third party inspection system.

Mark Andy Performance Series | P7/P9

Industry leading Flexographic Technology: Master-class engineering and Flexible Packaging Solution

The award winning "Performance Series" is engineered as the ideal solution to print film, shrink sleeves, flexible packaging and foil lidding.


The DC-PlatenCleaner is an innovative sanding and polishing tool available for any flatbed die cutting machine on the market. It is developed to be user friendly, cost efficient and flexible allowing you to lower the operating costs whilst improving your equipment's quality output.