Vectra ECTR

Fully upgradable Turret Rewinder

Vectra ECTR - 4 spindle Turret Rewinder 330, 410, 510
The basic ECTR machine includes all the features and benefits of the LCTR.
However, unlike the fixed format LCTR the ECTR machine is designed and
built so that it can be expanded to a higher specification.

Vectra ECTR Servo - Servo Drive 4 spindle Turret Rewinder for advanced applications
The Servo drive Vectra turret rewinder is the most technically
advanced turret available today. Primarily the ECTR Servo has been
designed to produce a quality product with little input from the operator.
The ECTR Servo has many new features and boasts a change
over time of approximately 10 minutes. With the Nordson core gluing
system a minimum cycle time of 10 seconds is possible. The latest
touch screen H.M.I unit with its graphical representation of all setting
parameters eliminates the use of multi lingual text and assists the
operator with job set up and error messages.