Koenig & Bauer Duran | OMEGA Allpro

35 • 55 • 70 • 90 • 110 • 130 • 145 • 165 • 185 cm

Koenig & Bauer Duran | Omega Allpro is a folder gluer available in sizes from 35 cm all the way up to 185 cm width.

Handling a wide range of substrates from cartonboard to corrugated, OMEGA Allpro gluers are extremely versatile and capable of producing the most complex range of carton styles minimizing make ready and maximizing productivity and profitability.

Presented in 9 sizes from 35 to 185 cm width, Allpro gluers produce straight line, double wall, crash lock and optional 4&6 corner with single finger servo backfold system as well as inner partition, Z-fold, conical crash lock and CD boxes at a maximum belt speed of 400 m/ min.

Omega Allpro gluers have motorized or motorized with memory versions available. Allpro folder gluers can be equipped with OMEGA Turnpro, OMEGA Nick Breaker, OMEGA Ejection Section as well as OMEGA Pre-Feeder and OMEGA Pack Station. Furthermore Allpro folder gluers can also be customized to meet the requirements of special projects.