Nanovis Bella DC-1300

Environmentally friendly cleaning system with integrated recycling of the cleaning agent for HP Indigo printing machine parts.

The Bella DC-1300 is the optimal solution for cleaning HP Indigo printing machine parts in a quick, thorough, cost-effective and environmentally friendly  way.

The maintenance and cleaning of the relevant parts have an important influence on the good print quality of the HP Indigo printing machine. The manually operated cleaning device convinces by its easy handling and the generous working area.

Ink tanks, application rollers etc. are cleaned efficiently and sustainably with the HP specific Imaging Oil. The highlight is the integrated recycling system, which continuously frees the Imaging Oil from ink particles. This has the advantage that the dirty parts are always cleaned with a consistently clean Imaging Oil. As a result, operating costs and the volume of hazardous waste are reduced to a minimum.

The BELLA DC-1300 offers a reliable and economical solution for the digital printer.