Vectra HDTR

Heavy Duty Turret Rewinder

4 spindle turret rewinder for heavy duty/ large diameter rewinding
330, 410, 510

The 4 spindle heavy duty Vectra turret rewinder is a semi-automatic machine
intended for continuous winding and to be installed in-line with a range of roll to roll
label printing presses without any mechanical or electrical interfacing.
This machine can wind rolls up to 500mm diameter. The maximum web width is
330mm, 410mm or 510mm, on a range of core sizes from 25mm to 150mm
diameter. It can be set to wind a given amount of material, pre-selected as a linear
measurement or label quantity, then cut the web and automatically transfer the cut
end to a new pre-glued core without stopping or slowing down the parent machine.
The finished rolls are automatically ejected onto a loading arm for easy removal.