A B Graphic | Omega

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A B Graphic | Omega

Omega 510

The Omega 510 is a versatile uni or bidirectional rewinder and inspection system.

Omega 510

Omega fleyeVision

100% Print Inspection System Guarantees Perfect Results.

Omega fleyeVision

Omega Horizon

Multifunctional Table Top Bidirectional Rewinding Solution, for Inspection and Reworking of single lanes.


Omega Horizon

It is designed to enable you inspect and re-work single lanes and can be upgraded with our very own fleyeVision 100% print inspection system. 

Omega SRI - Slitter Rewinder Inspection

Powerful, efficient and versatile label finishing system

AB Graphic's (ABG) Omega SRI offers three high speed functions: slitting, rewinding and inspection. It is also unique, in that it is the only machine available that doesn’t rely on a third party inspection system.

Omega RTS Sheeter

Servo driven sheeter for inline/offline applications

The RTS is a servo driven sheeter with a guillotine style cutting action; it is available in three web widths 330mm, 430mm & 530mm and can cut to mark, to length or to interlabel gap with an accuracy of +/-0.15mm.

Omega Converter

Fully Modular Converting Line

Omega Converting Line

Omega Ti200

RFID inserting and converting

A B Graphic also produces advanced machinery for RFID insertion and inspection. A B Graphic can provide security solutions for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) as well as EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) insertion and inspection applications.

B5010 Booklet Machine

Omega Booklet Machine

Omega B5010

The modular solution for professionally produced booklet labels at speeds of up to 36,000 booklet labels per hour!